We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes to understand and manage their environmental impacts.

And we noticed that a lot of them were missing simple ways to become greener or to promote what they were already doing.

We saw an opportunity to use our knowledge and experience to extend our reach and passion.

And in 2018 Green Finch was born.

Our Values

We sat down with a cup of coffee (ethically sourced) and argued for a couple of hours over the values at the heart of Green Finch. We managed to agree on the following:

  • We’re friendly and approachable: we hope you find us easy to work with
  • We’re open and honest: we won’t green-wash
  • We’re responsive to your needs: we will do what is right for your business
  • We believe in what we’re doing: we want to use our expertise for good
  • We practise what we preach: we are greenies through and through!

Our People

Values and passion are all very well, but we can back them up with years of experience, working alongside environmental leaders and some of the key people in sustainability today.


Tim is an Economist, Fellow Chartered Accountant and Sustainabilitist. For the past ten years he worked for one of the world’s environmental leaders, with colleagues dedicated to solving the key environmental challenges facing the world.


In the past decade Tim led on projects with people from across and outside the organisation – from installing solar panels and energy-saving equipment to analysing waste and water use. During this time he has got calculating carbon footprints down to a fine art.

During his earlier career as an accountant, Tim worked with a range of clients – from NHS and Local Government to waste management and software companies. This included internal audit controls work, key performance indicators as well as regular financial audits. He loves getting to the bottom of a problem and making sure all the numbers stack up.

His love of the natural world led to a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sustainability from Edinburgh where he gained a solid grounding in the many and varied environmental and social issues the world faces.

Tim is also accountant and adviser for “Lee Greens” – an local organic veg bag scheme in South East London. He chooses not to eat meat (though is struggling to eat less cheese) and prefers the train to the plane.


Gemma is an environmental specialist with thirteen years’ experience working with organisations to achieve their sustainability goals.

At Tate, she developed and delivered a three-year Environmental Sustainability Strategy through engagement and collaboration with directors, Green Champions and staff across the organisation. This enabled a 20% reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions, £1m in avoided energy costs and significant water and waste savings.

Gemma holds a Masters degree in Environmental Policy. She enjoys collaborating with teams and individuals to find the best solutions for people and planet and has a particular interest in building responsible supply chains. Find out more about Gemma’s experience via LinkedIn.

When not busy greening, she can be found outdoors, experimenting in the kitchen, eating cheese, playing netball or volunteering.

Our Environmental Policy

Of course we have our own Environmental Policy!

It’s very important so it has its own page.

We’re only small, but we hope to leave a big positive footprint.