Environmental Policy

Green Finch Environmental Consulting was established with environmental and social values at its core. We will use our skills, knowledge and experience to help businesses understand key issues and develop responsible business practices.

We will align our work practices with our values – working in harmony with our stakeholders, wider society and the natural environment that sustains it.

Our impacts and how we will manage them

As a small consultancy our direct environmental and social impacts may be relatively small but we believe even small actions create larger ripples. We will understand and manage our environmental aspects and their impacts. We will:

  • Keep travel to a minimum and use public transport for all journeys except where impractical due to a client’s location;
  • Use responsibly-sourced paper and card, use already recycled materials and recycle as much as possible;
  • Minimise the use of single-use plastics;
  • Minimise energy use and choose renewable energy to power our homes, offices and website;
  • Measure and offset our unavoidable carbon emissions;
  • Use environmental credentials as a factor when choosing suppliers.

We will dedicate at least a day of our time each month to not-for-profit or similar work.

We commit to continual improvement in understanding and improving our environmental and social impacts. In the longer term we aim to embed social and environmental responsibility further through ‘B’ Corp membership.

We will update this policy every year, or as required.

Tim Croker & Gemma Birley

Founding Directors, Green Finch Environmental Consulting Limited
June 2018