Carbon Footprinting & Management

A burning issue

Measuring and taking action to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions (sometimes called your carbon footprint), is a simple yet effective way to show your company’s environmental commitment to your customers.

As CO2 levels have soared to levels not seen for the past three million years (when the sea level was 25 metres higher), the world has already warmed by one degree since pre-industrial times.

The impacts of climate change are already being felt. If we are to limit the increase to the agreed 1 ½ degrees we all have our work cut out.

Improving credibility

If you have already calculated your greenhouse gas emissions, then that’s great! We can “audit” them to give them more credibility, making sure they follow the latest methodology and cover everything they should. We can also help you with or prepare you for verification through the Carbon Trust Standard or other assurance schemes.

Calculating your carbon footprint

Using information such as your energy use and travel data, we can calculate your organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions. We can work with whatever data you have and even help you to find it! Your carbon footprint can be added to your website and organisational reports to demonstrate your environmental awareness.

Reducing and offsetting

We can help you identify ways to reduce your CO2 emissions and find a suitable way to offset or balance out the remainder.