Environmental Policy & Management

Environmental Policy

The foundation for any environmental programme is an Environmental or Sustainability Policy. We can work with you to create a policy which is aligned with the values, purpose and objectives of your business.

We will identify and assess the environmental and social aspects of your organisation to create a policy which is relevant to you and your key impacts.

Building your reputation

Your policy can be displayed on your website, in promotional materials and your staff handbook to demonstrate your company’s commitment to operating responsibly. It is also the basis for building your environmental programme and embedding sustainability within your business.

Environmental Strategy

If you already have a policy (maybe we helped you write it!), the next step is an Environmental Strategy. This sets out the aims, targets, key performance indicators and main areas for action required to deliver your Environmental Policy.

Opportunities and threats

We will work with you to identify the opportunities and threats arising from your business’s environmental impacts. We can also assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach to managing these impacts. Together we can create a meaningful Environmental Strategy which sets the direction for your business and is as ambitious as you wish to be.

Turning it into reality

We also offer a variety of services to turn your strategy into reality, including support with training and awareness, data management, communications and reporting, natural resource use and supply chain assessment. Find out more about our services.

Environmental Management Systems

Green Finch can help you to translate your policy and strategy into action through designing and implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) that works for your business.

Meeting customer expectations

Increasingly customers expect organisations to have an EMS in place to demonstrate that environmental considerations are embedded within their operations. An EMS also helps you to maximise opportunities and control your environmental costs and risks in a logical and systematic way.

Whilst this may sound complicated, it needn’t be! Key elements of an EMS include an environmental policy, an environmental and legal risk register, targets, action plan and a review process to check and manage progress. Each EMS is unique – contact us to discuss what this could mean for your business.

Royal Warrant Holders

If you are a Royal Warrant Holder, or are applying, we can help you demonstrate your commitment to environmental and social responsibility. We will work with you on the key elements of environmental management – an environmental policy, a list of key impacts and an action plan to address them. All tailored to fit your business. We also offer our full range of other services, including carbon footprinting.

See our services to find out more, or better still, contact us to discuss how we can help.

See the Royal Warrant Holders Association website for more information on Royal Warrants.