Responsible Resource Use

Waste Management

With increasing raw material and waste disposal costs, rethinking your organisation’s rubbish can benefit both planet and profit.

We can review your business processes, collect and analyse your waste data and help you to identify ways to reduce waste and increase recycling. We’ll get our hands dirty, so you don’t have to! (Tim Croker didn’t get his nickname “bin poker” for no reason!)

Driving change

We also can work with you to drive change across your organisation through creating and implementing a waste management policy, targets, action plan and monitoring framework and providing project support.

Water Use

Water resources are under pressure in many areas across the world, including parts of the UK. This situation is expected to be compounded by climate change. If your business relies heavily on water supplies directly or within your supply chain, you could be at risk from water scarcity, increasing prices and regulation, in the short and longer term.

How we can help

Green Finch can help you to harness the financial and reputational benefits associated with water efficient operations. We can work with you to collect and analyse your water use data, review your processes and identify actions to reduce your consumption and costs.


How big is your plastic footprint? For many businesses, it’s bigger than they think! With public attention on plastic use at an all-time high, understanding and acting to reduce your company’s plastic footprint has never been more pressing.

Understanding and reducing

If your business produces or uses a significant amount of plastic (in incoming or outgoing packaging for example), we can help you to understand the size of your plastic footprint and the risks and opportunities this presents. We can work with you to develop and implement a plastic reduction strategy for your business.

Embracing lower-plastic working could mean reduced operating costs, new business opportunities, more customers and happier fish. What’s not to like!

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business reduce its plastic footprint.